This is our shop "Truffelhuisje", our chocolate-shop in Historic Bruges. All chocolates, chocolate figures and truffles are hand- and locally made.
A view of our shopwindow in Bruges.

Openingstijden - Opening Hours :

Maandag - Monday :  10.00h.-18.00h. & later

Dinsdag - Tuesday :  10.00h.-18.00h. & later
Woensdag & Donderdag : Gesloten 
Wednesday & Thursday : Closed 
Vrijdag - Friday :  10.00h.-18.00h. & later
Zaterdag - Saturday :  10.00h.-18.00h. & later
Zondag - Sunday :  10.00h.-18.00h. & later

Artisanale chocolade

Al meer dan dertig jaar staat Truffelhuisje® Brugge voor artisanale pralines, truffels, chocoladefiguren en allerhande chocoladeproducten.  U vindt ons in de Sint-Amandsstraat nr.3 op 20 meter van de historische Markt in Brugge.


U kunt ook online bestellen in onze webshop en uw chocolade thuis ontvangen.
doosje pralines - box of chocolates
    Ook Via mail bestellen kan altijd.  Contacteer ons met uw wensen voor meer info.  We verzenden binnen de Europese Unie met DPD

Artisan-made chocolate

For more than thirty years Truffelhuisje® Bruges stands for handmade chocolates, truffles, chocolate figures and many more chocolate products.  "Truffelhuisje®"  translates as "Little House Of Truffles". Visit our shop in the Sint-Amandsstraat nr 3 at 20 meters from the historic main square (Markt) in Bruges. (Google-map on the "Contact-page")


Our Web Shop is available for online-orders.


You can also order by mail any time.  Contact us for more information on prices and shipping costs of your favourite chocolates.  We ship within the European Union through DPD.



Sint-Amandsstraat 3

8000 Brugge,   Belgium

Tel: 0032 50 342657

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